Windows #10 and Mac #6

Windows #94171 - Mac #94172

- Ramping up the difficulty a bit faster
- New sprite to boss spikes
- Fixed adventure hood
- Fixed a bug on the main menu link for the banner
- You can now get to the secret room with the key on mac
- Display the adventure points available on the magic menu information
- You can now press F4 to hide the GUI (screenshot mode)
- Tweaked the requirements to require less ST in general
- Shortened how long paths are displayed on the map menu
- Attempting to fix the fatal error for `local variable file_totem_lines(100004, -2147483648) not set before reading it.`
- Added stats to Destroyer Hammer

PS: Windows v9 and Mac v5 had all the changes and were only pushed to update the executables

Files 69 MB
Version 10 Jul 19, 2018 75 MB
Version 6 Jul 20, 2018

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