Windows #11 and Mac #7

We were working on getting the game to work better on Mac and to start on GNU/Linux. We still have a few major issues to fix on Mac but it seems like it is working for most of the players!

We also tweaked the difficulty of the game, so if you find it too brutal you can let us know, all feedback is welcome!


- Fixing an error on the forest room kind
- New day sky texture
- Clouds moving
- Fixed some issues when attempting to fix a saved file
- High score entry when defeating the final boss
- Added tips to the signs on the rooms
- Changed the message for guards on links

Mac specific
- You can use the arrow keys when choosing hairstyle
- You can now delete names on file creation
- Fixing files will no longer crash the game
- Many small fixes

Files 69 MB
Version 11 Jul 23, 2018 75 MB
Version 7 Jul 23, 2018

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