First monsters update

We took some time off the Linux and Mac versions to improve the monsters and a couple more tweaks. Linux is giving us a hard time and we can't make it run at the moment, but we are getting closer. The changes for this release focus on monsters since is one of the things we don't enjoy as much on the game. We will keep pushing monster updates but these are just a few that we managed to get out for now:

- You can no longer die when equipping items that have negative HP stats
- New monster behaviors:
    - Some monsters can now fade and appear behind you
    - Added rotation to flying sword
    - Fixed a few maps where monsters got stuck
    - Added attack animation to electric wolf
    - Added melee attack to Shiny robot
    - Made some performance improvements
- Many minor edits and balance changes

Mac version is coming out shortly after. We are having some issues with our MacBook and we can't make the build at the moment.
Thanks everyone for your feedback!

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Version 12 Jul 30, 2018

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